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#1 Amazon Bestseller

Top 10 Customer Success Books of 2020 by CSM Practice & EGlobalis
"This book is a must-read! It provides essential insights and tips for startup CEOs and employees on how to improve Customer Success. " - CSM Practice

Learn about how customer success can work at your company and how you can champion your customers.

Now available in paperback and kindle ebook!

About the Book


Customer success is no longer just for companies with large teams and resources. It's a company mindset that can unlock the biggest opportunities in business. Customer success can help streamline experiences, grow product engagement and loyalty, and more importantly -- retain business.

In The Startup's Guide to Customer Success, Jennifer Chiang presents a guide on how to plan, execute, and grow your own customer success team and the actionable steps that you can take to champion the customer at your company.

Learn insights such as:

  • The four attributes Shreesha Ramdas, CEO and Co-Founder of Strikedeck, says are must-haves when hiring your first customer success team

  • How Jamey Jeff, Managing Director of Customer Success Solutions at Coastal Cloud, reevaluated QBRs to derive more value for his customers with less work

  • How Maranda Dziekonski, VP of Customer Success at Pared, manages her time wisely to not only get everything done, but fight fires and plan ahead

This book is for everyone from new customer success leaders, CEOs and VPs who want their company to be more customer-centric, to start-ups who are starting their own customer success teams.

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